Why Security Visibility Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

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With the disturbing rises in stabbings, drug crime and gang violence is it any wonder that the UK mainstream media have dubbed London ‘wild west Britain’.

In 2018, London experienced a decade high of murder as the toll those who had been brutally murdered in London was 132.

2019 didn’t fare any better with 650 murders throughout the UK, with 149 of those homicides occurring in the capital. And while 2020 has been an unprecedented year as COVID-19 and lockdowns continue to take its toll on the public, the number of killings in London has exceeded 100 just like the years before.

But it isn’t just homicide that has seen an increase in the capital, as a wave of muggings, drug gangs and illegal immigration has seen a surge within the last decade.

With recent crime statistics suggesting that armed thieves are striking more than 60 times every day, it has been estimated that business owners have experienced a £6.3billion in profit loss and property damage. With numbers like that, is it any wonder that the security industry has become more vital than ever before.

Why do businesses need security?

With crime at an all-time high in the UK, more and more businesses require help protecting their property, assets and people.

Which is why the visibility of those who work in the security sector is vital in not only combating crime but also providing ease and reinsurance to members of the public and local communities.

Seeing a Security Guard patrolling premises can be a huge deterrent for criminals, as is a team of Door Supervisors standing outside a venue or nightclub. The security industry and those that work within this sector play a huge part in discouraging intended crime and can not only prevent potential crime from occurring but also give peace of mind to the public where the lack of a visible police presence on UK streets continues to be a concern.

Security vs Police

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) work closely with police to ensure that individuals and companies operating within the private security industry comply with the law. The SIA also work closely with police authorities in exchange for intelligence to ensure that full collaboration is transparent.

Door Supervisors, CCTV Operatives and Security Guards are a vital necessity in not only supporting law enforcement in the protection of people and property but also add a touch of reinsurance to a society that unfortunately needs that reinsurance now more than ever before.

What Jobs in Security Says

There has never been a more lucrative time to work in the security sector as businesses seeking security professionals due to an increase in crime and public concern continue to grow.

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