Colleagues Are Afraid To Report Workplace Bullying According To Report

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Unfortunately bullying is a common occurrence whether it be on Twitter or in the workplace. But while many social media users are quick to call out inappropriate behaviour when they see it occurring online, when it comes to the work environment it seems that colleagues are more reluctant to report workplace bullying and would rather turn a blind eye.

According to research by Spot, a company that developed an AI bot that allows workers to anonymously report abuse in the workplace, work colleagues remain mostly silent when witnessing incidents in the workplace and do not report it to management or HR for ‘fear of the consequences’ and simply do not want to ‘get involved’.

Of the 1,096 participants interviewed in the report, 79% had seen some form of bullying or harassment within the workplace, with 77% failing to report the incident to officials. The main two reasons why work colleagues were reluctant and hesitant to report bullying in the workplace was that they didn’t feel it was their place to intervene, and because they were fearful of what might happen if they took their concern to management.

What should you do when you witness bullying in the workplace?

While these figures show that people are unwilling and even scared to report workplace bullying, the fact of the matter is that all forms of bullying and discrimination should be highlighted and addressed in the workplace, no matter how trivial or insignificant you may deem it be. Businesses should encourage an open dialogue between its employees where staff can fill free to speak to management over concerns that may be of importance to them. Having such an open workspace can not only improve morale but can also demonstrate to staff that they are respected and valued, and that their opinions, views and concerns will be listened to, regardless of the scenario.

What Jobs in Security Says

Workplace bullying is a serious concern and something that should always be dealt with before it can escalate further and potentially cause more harm. If you suspect that a work colleague is being bullied or facing discrimination, or if you yourself are having a difficult time within the workplace, speaking to management or HR and addressing those concerns should always be first on your list of priorities. 

Remember, being open and transparent with your work colleagues and company management only helps to further cement the culture of the workplace and sends a positive yet clear message that bullying will not be condemned in any way, shape or form.

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